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Shabbir Hussain

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IMG_5932-ok-ppWorking as a IT support Engineer for tech4lifeenterprises (MDConsults).I have experience in eHealth technology to initiative eHealth and ICT technical assistance and provide technical expertise for the development of the eHealth strategy and take specific action plane to implement eHealth strategy from December 7, 2009 to February 20, 2013 with Aga Khan University Hospital (AKU) as a coordinator AKDN (EHRC) Project.

Work as Management Information System/Geographical Information System (MIS/GIS) officer with Aga Khan Health Services (AKHS, P). w.e.f Feb, 2013 to October 31,2015. Core responsibility is to develop software programs to facilitate monitoring of services also design and develop database on the project specific MIS and surveys to support monitoring system. And provide technical support to all districts office including regional office.

Experience in develop mapping system for the Project sites location and community on Geographical Information System (GIS).

Appreciation for achieving ISO 9001-2008 certification award by AKHS, P.

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