Noninvasive Hemoglobin Monitor


Tech4Life Enterprises has designed a highly innovative non-Invasive Hemoglobin monitor “SMART-Hb” for testing hemoglobin concentration in the blood without drawing any blood from the patient. Due to its non-invasive feature, this device can be safely used for regular monitoring and mass screening among young children, women, and pregnant women without causing any discomfort. Regular screening and monitoring in these groups can prevent long-lasting health problems associated with severe anemia. Since anemia is highly prevalent in developing countries, this low-cost, easy-to-use, and accurate screening device will be highly useful.

Smart-Hb has proven to be highly accurate in the large trial conducted in Pakistan, where the accuracy was found to be over 90%, and both sensitivity and specificity were found to be over 80%. These results are now being validated in six countries in Asia and Africa in partnership with World Vision.

Tech4Life will bring this revolutionary product to the market in 2018, soon after completion of validation study with World Vision.