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  • web & Mobile based telemedicine solution MDConsults

‘MDConsults is world’s fastest growing, HIPAA compliant telemedicine platform, aimed at improving access to healthcare around the world. It helps connect patients in rural areas with the specialists in the urban centers for providing diagnosis and care, avoiding the need for travel to the hospitals. MDConsults empowers community based health providers and the patients to manage health in their home environments. Its key features include:


1. Live video-conferencing, using specialized telemedicine devices;

2. Store & forward communication for assistance in diagnosis;

3. Image management using DICOM compatible viewers; and

4. Management of Personal health information using smart phone applications.


High level of data security and standards for data sharing make MDConsults one of the most versatile telemedicine solutions in the world.

The personal healthcare mobile application ‘MyMDConsults’ is developed to empower the individuals and caregivers for taking control of the personal health information and consulting health providers when required. This is an extension of the features provided by MDConsults to ensure access to healthcare at the community level. MyMDConsults enables the individuals to monitor their lifestyle, essential vital signs, lab results and other information, and share the essential information with their caregivers. The application also allows Live and Store & Forward consultations with the health care providers.

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