An Innovative Telemedicine-based Health call center



MDC-Connect is world’s first fully featured telemedicine-based Health Call Centre. MDC-Connect makes provision of Call Centre and Homecare services extremely simple through quick installation and effortless management. It can be offered as a value-added service by hospitals, telecom companies, government and non-government organizations. Its features are carefully designed to ensure comfort for both patients & health providers. MDC-Connect has several advantages, some of which are described below:



MDC-Connect offers both internet and phone based connectivity, creating option of access to call centre services without the use of expensive phone calls, thus saving cost for both patients & health providers. MDC-Connect allows video-conferencing and sharing of health information between patients and health providers using mobile data, thus improving efficiency of call centre at an afordable cost.



MDC-Connect provides unique accessibility via state-of-the-art mobile application. MDC-Connect uses MyMDConsults’ mobile application which has the capability to record patient health information, transfer relevant data and enable audio and video live teleconsultations.



MDC-Connect is already integrated with certain clinical protocols and Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems. The solution can also be integrated with other standardized EMR systems and protocols. In addition, It can also be used with existing phone-based call centres to queue both phone and internet-based calls.