Implementation Science

1. Improving Mental Healthcare for Young Adults in Badakshan Province of Afghanistan using eHealth

Location: Badakshan, Afghanistan
Area of Research: Mental Health, Public health, Health Technology, mHealth, Telehealth
Funding agency: Grand Challenges Canada.
Researchers: Shariq Khoja, Richard Scott, Hammad Durrani, A. Wahab Yousufzai, Maria Arif, Nida Husyin, Nateela Tirmizi, Dodo Khan
Partners: University of Calgary and Aga Khan Health Services, Afghanistan

The aim of the project is to improve mental health and saving lives of the population who are suffering from continuous trauma, as Afghanistan has been engaged in several socio-economic disorders over the plenty of years, which leaves negative impact on the population. Also, easy access to illegal drugs affects more than one million young adults in the country. This damage results in loss of life, physical destruction, as well as emotional and mental health problems in the community. About half of the Afghan population (young adults, aged 18-25) is affected by depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), enhanced by drug use and the lack of resources.

This project includes technological solutions in combination with traditional approaches towards skills development of health providers; making them enable to contribute in improving health infrastructure, and also to provide quality mental health service delivery for improving lives of the community.


2. PMRC Malaria Surveillance Program

Location; Punjab, Pakistan
Area of Research: Malaria, Public health, Health Technology, mHealth,
Funding agency: Pakistan Medical Research Council
Researchers: Shariq Khoja, Saira Nigar, Dodo Khan
Partners: Pakistan Medical Research Council

Tech4life Enterprises has successfully developed and installed a customized mobile based data collection program to collect data for a Malaria control survey at Pakistan Medical Research Council. Information is collected by health workers from all over Pakistan and is being stored on PMRC server for analysis. The staff at PMRC was trained by the team of Tech4life enterprises on data collection and integration, and technology management.

3. Mental Health with Pakistan Institute of Learning & Living

Location; Karachi, Pakistan
Area of Research: Mental Health, Public health, Health Technology, mHealth,
Funding agency: Grand Challenges Canada
Researchers: Nusrat Hussein, PILL team, Shariq Khoja, Dodo Khan, Maria Arif
Partners: Pakistan Institute of Living and Learning

Tech4Life Enterprises explores innovative mHealth solutions in Mental Health with Pakistan Institute of Learning and Living (PILL). The Pakistan Institute of Learning and Living (PILL) is a non-profit research and development organization. PILL is implementing a project to address high rate of depression among communities in Pakistan and planning to use mobile based application to register and monitor these cases regularly in the community. Tech4Life Enterprises has proposed mHealth solution for quick assessment, early diagnosis and appropriate response, thus reducing depression. These will be smartphone based applications for data collection, decision support system for health workers and regular SMS and other mobile technology innovation to the patients for awareness, reminders and appropriate interventions