Current Distributors

Tech4Life Enterprises specializing in telemedicine and point of care devices. Our telemedicine solution, MDConsults, is best suited for use in the developing world where growing mobile connectivity has provided opportunities for improving access to healthcare in rural communities. MDConsults is the first and the only complete telemedicine solution in the world, with options of live consultation, image management, store & forward consultations. For more information, please visit MDConsults.

eSteth is designed to support  MDConsults, but can also be integrated with other compatible systems (Telehealth/Telemedicine), increasing the physician`s diagnostic capability and making the pulmonary and heart monitoring more reliable For more information, please visit eSteth.

We offer great opportunities for the companies interested in becoming our distributors for MDConsults and eSteth. Please fill distributor inquiry form and send us at Contact us, if you have any query.