Tech4Life Enterprises supporting Health Call Centre in Saudi Arabia.

Tech4Life continues to build partnerships for improving access to care through telemedicine and point of care diagnostics. We are soon implementing a unique Telemedicine based call centre with HelloMyHealth, a local organization in Saudi Arabia. The project integrates health call center, including video calling, electronic health record and interactive disease protocols. Tech4Life provides the integrated software structure for the project to manage the incoming calls, maintaining the electronic Health Record and connect to mobile telemedicine solution ‘MDConsults’.

The project provides information, guidance, treatment and monitoring for common health problems, especially chronic diseases, such as diabetics, hypertension, and other cardio-vascular disease. For more details, contact us at

Tech4Life Enterprises & REPDS to promote health through Telemedicine

It is commonly believed that ‘Healthy Minds Learn Better’. Providing healthy learning environment and health education to children not only helps improve their own health condition, but also that of their other family members. Schools can also be important platforms for monitoring children’s health and screening for common health problems, especially in the developing world. Thus schools can not only promote mental but also physical and social wellbeing in our youngsters.


Tech4Life Enterprises is working with partners, such as Rural Education Promotion and Development Society (REPDS) and Aga Khan University to promote health through Telemedicine. A Rural public school in Deh Chuhar, outskirts of Karachi, has been introduced with Telemedicine for regular screening and early health advise to the children. A successful inauguration of the program was performed on Dec 7, 2016 at the Govt Boys & Girls Elementry school Haji Hussain Baloch in Deh Chuhar, which was attended by Director Education of Malir district, key political and social figures in the community, and parents of school children. The officials and community appreciated the use of Telemedicine in a remote location for improving health of the children


Tech4Life Enterprises is one of the leading social enterprises who are promoting eHealth and ensuring healthcare provision in far-flung areas where access to quality physicians is practically non-existent. It is with the help of other socially motivated partner NGOs & institutions which take it upon themselves to uplift living standards of their society. Tech4Life is proud to be a partner of such endeavors in helping rural cities of Pakistan with the use of technology & ensuring that our innovations bring impact in human lives.

Tech4Life Enterprises @ Arab Health 2017

Last year at Arab Health, Tech4Life Enterprises showcased its latest innovation in point-of-care devices, a plug-n-play digital stethoscope. This state of the art solution, called ‘eSteth’, needs no software for installation to amplify heartbeat and perform telemedicine. Working prototype of our innovation received wide acclaim, and industry experts showed their desire for eSteth to enable themselves to hear clearer heart sounds for diagnosis and transfer them for referrals.

Following a year of hard work & determination by our production teams, we are able to bring a high quality product to the markets. This time at Arab Health 2017, Tech4Life Enterprises will be featuring ‘eSteth’, which is a plug-n-play digital stethoscope setting a high standards with 100x amplification, internal storage, display of heartbeats on LED and smooth teleconsultation experience. Visit our stall to witness and experience the great technological evolution in healthcare.

Tech4Life committed to empowerment of women health providers

Tech4Life Enterprises has been a torch-bearer of women empowerment. With innovations like MDConsults, we have enabled initiatives, such as doctHERs, to empower lady doctors and field based nurses and midwives with user-friendly telemedicine solution. Being a socially motivated organization, Tech4Life has been partnering with companies like doctHERs which share our vision and purpose of serving the most deserving sections of our society.

At the Community Outreach Event hosted by doctHERs at Movenpick Hotel, Karachi Pakistan on Tuesday 28th November 2016, we were invited to speak on Public Private Partnerships and how mHealth is revolutionizing healthcare provision. We shared our vision, goals, challenges and learning experiences in reshaping the healthcare provision through mobile-based telemedicine.

MDConsults- adding integrity with HIPAA Compliance

MDConsults’ is world’s fastest growing, HIPAA compliant telemedicine platform, aimed at improving access to healthcare around the world. It helps connect patients in rural areas with the specialists in the urban centers for providing diagnosis and care, avoiding the need for travel to the hospitals. MDConsults empowers community based health providers and the patients to manage health in their home environments.


The HIPAA Compliance features of MDConsults provides confidence and security to its users. HIPAA compliance works on four basic rules:


  1. HIPAA Privacy Rule
  2. HIPAA Security Rule
  3. HIPAA Enforcement Rule
  4. HIPAA Breach Notification Rule


In a nutshell, HIPAA requires a software to comply with the following things which MDConsults is doing efficiently:


  • MDConsults has put administrative, physical and technical safeguards in place to protect the electronic patient Health Information (ePHI).
  • It has reasonably limited the unnecessary use and sharing of information in order to accomplish the intended purpose of being HIPAA compliant.
  • It has agreements in place with all service providers that perform covered functions or activities for you. These Business Associate Agreements ensure that the Business Associates use and disclose patient health information properly and safeguard it appropriately.
  • It has procedures in place to limit access to patient health information, and implement a training program for health organizations about how to protect their patient health information.

MDConsults continues to provide simple solutions to complex problems. It stands out on all the requirements of HIPAA. MDConsults uses AES-128 Bit encryption technique, two step verification to ensure secured access to the software, and cloud storage without on any sort of hard drives. Thus it completely secures all the patient health information.


There is indeed a lot to digest when it comes to following all the rules and regulations of HIPAA but MDConsults excels in winning the trust of all its users by acting upon each and every requirement of HIPAA, and providing a highly secure platform for telemedicine to its clients.




Tech4Life Enterprises is proud to announce the signing of agreement with Dow University of Health Sciences for promoting new digital innovations. This is a great example of Academia-Industry partnership for improving health of the population. This partnership will help identify new gaps in health, design new innovations and conduct scientific research for validating digital health solutions.

Both partners have a history of leading research and innovations for medical education, and improving health services. This collaboration will bring mutual benefit in terms of achieving research objectives as well as promoting the health of the population through new innovations.

Role of HIPAA in Telemedicine

HIPAA stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. This law was passed in 1996 by United States Congress in order to minimize healthcare fraud and information abuse by enforcing necessary standards for healthcare billings and other processes.

HIPAA standards are equally important when it comes to Telemedicine, which refers to the remote diagnosis and treatment of patients by means of telecommunications technology. Being online in nature, telemedicine industry is prone to several risks, making it prudent to have a solution that secures every bit of protected health information (PHI).

The HIPAA standards are divided into two main categories namely Privacy Rules and Security Rules. These rules contain a list of safety measures and procedures which if followed by organizations can result in extremely protected and safe storage of the PHI.

HIPAA standards educate as well as enable organizations to secure their private data through encryption. They also restrict unnecessary access to PHI. Since electronic-PHI is susceptible to braches and hacking, HIPAA enforces security rules and regulations and makes sure that the information is fully secured.

Tech4Life Enterprises to speak on Innovations at the Infoway Partnership Conference

Tech4Life Enterprises is honored to be invited to present at the Infoway Partnership Conference: A Conversation about Digital Health. The conference has been organized by Canada Health Infoway on Nov 16-17, 2016 in Toronto ON. At this conference, international experts and digital health leaders will be sharing learning experiences, challenges and opportunities in transforming healthcare delivery in Canada.

Tech4Life is among the global innovators in the field of Digital Health. As a socially motivated firm, our flagship mobile & web based telemedicine platform MDConsults along with point of care devices like digital stethoscope is ensuring state-of-the-art remote consultations by leveraging technology and making impacts in deserving regions like Africa.

This conference is an annual event designed to create a forum for knowledge exchange, debate and discussion. This year’s conference takes place during Digital Health Week and will focus on three areas: medication management, interoperability and consumer health solutions.

Dr. Shariq Khoja, CEO of Tech4Life Enterprises, will present how simple and cost-effective innovations can make a large impact on the health of the population. Dr. Khoja will share our team’s experience in innovating and implementing Digital Health solutions.

Haltech Hi5 Startup Source

Tech4Life Enterprises continues to get recognized as a high potential startup in the field of telemedicine. Tech4Life is proud to be nominated as one of the five finalists to present at the Hi5 Startup Source event organized by Haltech. At this event, the investment community will be receiving pitches from five carefully selected, high potential, revenue-generating startups.

We are excited to share our vision of being a socially motivated firm, rigorously researching and innovating healthcare products. Our telemedicine ecosystem comprising of web & mobile based telemedicine application, coupled with cost-effective point of care devices is bringing significant impact in the healthcare of most underserved parts of the world. We are thankful to our global partners, clients and trusted advisors for all the support and we wish to have them by our side as we strive to improve access to healthcare.

National policies needed to scale telemedicine

Telemedicine has emerged as a critical enabler for Universal Health care. Benefiting from ubiquitous access to mobile and internet connectivity, and availability of cost effective and simple to use smartphones and computers, telehealth can change the current scenario of care and allow for improved access and improved health outcomes. Despite being one of the most promising technologies for improving patient outcomes and lowering costs, Telemedicine is yet to acquire serious attention at national level in most countries.


Telemedicine has great potential to increase access to and quality of healthcare in rural communities. It allows rural patients to see specialists without leaving their communities, permits local providers to take advantage of distant expertise, and improves timeliness of care. Taking example from countries like Pakistan where large population lives in rural areas, telemedicine needs serious attention. According to  the Pakistan demographics profile 2014, there are 0.81% Physicians per 1,000 population, 0.6% beds per 1,000 population while the total expenditures on health from GDP is 2.5% ( Although several projects have shown value of telemedicine for limited time and scope, none of them have advanced to scale because of the lack of buy-in from the governments. There is a need for clear policies enabling use of telemedicine at the federal and provincial levels to make telemedicine access a reality for all those who are in need.


With a growing physician shortage, rising health care costs, and a need for increased, measurable quality, Government (National and provincial) have a responsibility to make changes in how we deliver care for which they should implement telemedicine in Pakistan for more efficient health systems and better health outcomes.