Opportunities and Challenges of telemedicine in emerging countries

In many under-developed and newly emerging parts of the world, where basic health care is a novelty, doctors are rare, and health systems are struggling, telemedicine provides an opportunity to use the progress in Information and Communications technology to address the gaps to improving health of the population.


The regions without adequate health services and infrastructure, the potentials of telemedicine is incredible. Telemedicine empowers community based and primary health providers to provide health care by connecting remotely with the experts using simple and cost-effective technology solutions.


Tech4Life enterprises with its fastest growing telemedicine solution MDConsults aims to empower health care providers and front line health workers through simple innovation and enabling the use of information and communication technology in the developing world.   Noteworthy projects have been undertaken and are successfully running across the globe.


One of the projects of Tech4Life enterprises titled Mental Health for young adults in Afghanistan was initiated in early 2013 in order to improve mental healthcare of the youth of Badakshan province of Afghanistan. The project aims to reduce stigma against mental health in the community, build capacity of health providers, ensure standardized care, and improve referral system for advance diagnosis and better treatment. The project is a success and the initial results suggest that it is of great benefit to the health practitioners and the communities in the remote areas of Afghanistan. The findings also propose that the accessibility of eHealth has enhanced access to care for remote communities, decreased the stigma, and improved quality of health services by providing opportunities for continuous learning.

Tech4Life Enterprises  has  also been associated as technology partners with one of the leading NGOs of  Pakistan  who are providing teleconsultation in remote areas  of the country .In addition to this program , MDConsults is  also being deployed in another project known as “DOCThers” which connects female doctors to millions of underserved patients in real-time while leveraging technology


Tech4Life Enterprises has proven itself in the field of telemedicine, by introducing telemedicine and point of care solutions to improve health care in the developing countries. ‘MDConsults’ is the revolutionary Telemedicine solution for emerging countries, ideally designed to fit the needs and infrastructure in these parts of the world.




Tech4Life Enterprises leading the spread of Telemedicine in the Emerging world

Tech4Life Enterprises has emerged as a leader in the telehealth sector. With its fastest growing telemedicine solution-MDConsults, Tech4life has contributed substantially to improving health in the emerging markets, and providing easy access to health services for the patients.

With tremendous growth in Information and Communications Technology, the traditional medical practices have also evolved. Tele health is penetrating and growing at a fast pace because of the numerous benefits it offers.  From reducing the waiting time and costs to increasing immediate accessibility; from early diagnosis to reduced hospital stays; from supporting clinical education to improving organizational productivity, tele health confirms its potential to improve health of the population.

eHealth programs provide innovative ways to improve the outcomes of health-care and public-health initiatives while controlling service costs. These programs   address the needs of the diverse population in general and also provide high quality-services to remote and resource-poor environments. eHealth systems support these objectives in ways that are both economically viable and sustainable. This efficient system comprises of tools that have been designed to improve health surveillance, health management system, health education and clinical decision making. These tools also play a pivotal role in supporting behavioral changes related to public-health priorities and disease management. The decision support systems facilitate the clinicians and potentially reduce the frequency of hospital visits, the mortality rates and the after effects of strokes too.

With MDConsults’ successful growth, Tech4life Enterprises has made a mark in the telemedicine sector and it aims at introducing more technologies to help people across the globe attain good health easily and instantly. Hence, Tele health is not a future anymore, it’s now and flourishing.

Telemedicine –An important contributor to improvement in chronic diseases.

In an era where technology is contributing substantially to human lives, telemedicine emerges as the leading solutions empowering both patients and care providers to reduce the burden of chronic diseases. Telemedicine provides better access, reduced costs, ease of usage, & improved outcomes equally to all parts of the world.

The prevalence of chronic diseases is the major cause of deaths and disabilities globally. Telemedicine, with all unique offerings has become an important tool to fight against these diseases. Telemedicine programs are promising because they not only educate patients and empower them to better monitor their personal health and take immediate and timely actions in case of emergencies. This plays a vital role in managing and combating diseases.

Tech4Life Enterprises, a socially motivated company with the aim of empowering health care providers and assisting patients in managing their health, plays an important role in this struggle. With its existence across 5 continents, distribution spread across 20 countries and implementation in several countries of the world, MDConsults –Tech4Life’s flagship brand is showing huge impact on the health of the population around the world, and has also become the fastest growing telemedicine solution around the globe. With MDConsults, Tech4Life Enterprises has taken an initiative of reducing the communication gap between health care providers and patients and simultaneously improve health systems across the globe.

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