Tech4Life showcases MDConsults and eSteth at ARAB HEALTH 2018

Arab Health 2018 has just come to an end with a record-breaking number of participants. It is highly acclaimed by the visitors and they have appreciated the efforts of management and participants.

We would like to thank those who visited Tech4Life Enterprises at the event last week. We look forward to welcome you again in future conferences.

Our advanced and innovated products, including our web & mobile based telemedicine solution MDConsults and the most affordable and revolutionary plug ‘n’ play digital stethoscope eSteth were successfully demonstrated and appreciated during the entire show.

We had visitors from more than 20 countries, ranging from health providers and managers to business communities interested in Telemedicine and point of care devices. Tech4life Enterprises will introduce more innovative products and solutions in future conferences and exhibitions.


We invite you to visit our website, and look forward to presenting our innovations in future conferences.



Arab Health is the largest gathering of healthcare and trade professionals. Tech4Life Enterprises participated with innovative technologies in the field of Digital Health. We presented powerful & affordable plug-n-play Digital Stethoscope eSteth with new & improved extensive telemedicine platform MDConsults 2.0.

We would like to thank all who visited our booth and showed keen interest in our products and appreciated the technologies we have built to increase access to healthcare. The response of our clients and visitors was excellent and our team is very confident and positive about the upcoming days at Arab Health 2018.

Join hands as we bring innovations for impact.


Tech4Life Enterprises showcased its latest innovation in point-of-care devices, a plug-n-play digital stethoscope at Arab Health 2017. This futuristic product, called ‘eSteth’, needs no software for installation to amplify heartbeat and perform telemedicine. This innovation received wide acclaim, and industry experts showed their desire for eSteth to enable them to hear clearer heart sounds for diagnosis and transfer them for referrals.


Following a year of hard work & determination by our production teams, we are able to bring a high quality product to the markets. This time at  Arab Health 2018, Tech4Life Enterprises will be featuring ‘eSteth’, which is a plug-n-play digital stethoscope setting a high standards with 100x amplification, internal storage and smooth teleconsultation experience.


Visit our stall to witness and experience the great technological evolution in healthcare.

Tech4Life Enterprises announces partnership with Ministry of Health in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa for improving basic health services through Telemedicine

Tech4Life Enterprises is proud to announce the signing of contract for providing consultancy to the Ministry of Health, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa for the establishment of five telehealth clinics and one mobile telehealth unit. It is the first public-funded Telemedicine project in Pakistan which is going to be implemented by the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The project will be led by Dr. Shariq Khoja, CEO of Tech4Life Enterprises.
The project will improve basic health services by connecting primary healthcare facilities in the districts of Chitral, Nowshehra, Swabi, Battagram and Karak with the Services Hospital in Peshawar for providing high-quality treatment and diagnostic facilities. Telemedicine services will be provided in the areas of General medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, mental health, cardiology, ENT, ophthalmology, dermatology, general Surgery and radiology. The project will address the issue of unavailability of specialists in these locations. It will benefit thousands of people who travel to Peshawar and other locations for consultations with the specialists each month.

Dr. Ashoor Khan Afridi, Incharge of Services Hospital Peshawar will lead the project on behalf of the ministry of Health. Tech4Life Enterprises, being a socially motivated company, will ensure evidence-based, low-cost and high-quality implementation of telemedicine in the province.


Improving Mental Health in Afghanistan through innovations – Tech4Life Enterprises and Aga Khan Health Services conducted Dissemination seminar

Tech4Life Enterprises, alongside its partners, Ministry of Public Health Afghanistan, University of Calgary and Aga Khan Health Services (AKHS) Afghanistan, highlighted the results of mental health project at the dissemination workshop in Kabul, Afghanistan on October 3, 2017.

The event was organized at Kabul Serena Hotel to disseminate successful findings of the mental health project implemented by the means of eHealth (Information and Communication Technology use in health) in Badakshan Province of Afghanistan. Senior government officials from Ministry of Public Health, civil society, international development agencies and media participated in the event. The Internal evaluation was conducted by AKHS Afghanistan and Tech4Life Enterprises, while External evaluation was done by Eureka Research.

The eHealth Project was designed to strengthen mental health system in the province with the objectives of improving awareness in the community about mental health issues, reduce stigma, build capacity of health practitioners, and improve referrals for young adults.

The project conducted over 500 sessions to improve awareness in the community, along with sending more than 20,000 text messages targeting young adults aged 18-25 years old. The project also focused on skills and knowledge development of healthcare providers through applying blended learning techniques and providing access to interactive guidelines.  These guidelines helped workers screen high risk patients in remote areas suffering from mental health disorders and refer the triaged individuals more quickly to facility-based providers based at the district and provincial level centers. The project also used Telemedicine to provide mental health treatment in the rural areas of Badakshan. About 200 health providers regularly used the mobile application to perform about 3,000 screenings and 600 referrals of mental health patients.

The mHealth solutions developed by Tech4Life Enterprises included the apps for using protocols, conducting blended learning, and enabling telemedicine consultations through MDConsults. The applications were simple to use and available in local languages, which was highly appreciated. The workshop was attended by a large number of public, private and international health organizations, who also explored ways of collaboration for improving healthcare in Afghanistan.

The project successfully demonstrated the use of eHealth on mental health among young adults in Afghanistan through awareness building, training of community health providers, screening of mental health patients, and conducting online consultations with health providers.

Tech4Life Enterprises and Seastar Corporation, Japan sign cooperation for manufacturing Non-invasive Hemoglobin Monitor

Tech4Life Enterprises Canada Inc, the leading provider of Telemedicine and eHealth solution globally, announced strategic partnership with Seastar Corporation, Japan for the manufacturing of its highly robust and innovative noninvasive hemoglobin monitor.


“We’ll bring together all our accumulated technologies for the development of this new type of non-invasive medical device. By utilizing our expertise of optical sensors and medical device productization, we want to make it happen quickly.”




This noninvasive hemoglobin monitor is designed for testing hemoglobin concentration in the blood without drawing any blood from the patient. Due to its non-invasive feature, this device can be safely used for regular monitoring and mass screening among young children, women, and other groups without causing any discomfort. Regular screening and monitoring in these groups can prevent long-lasting health problems associated with severe anemia. Since anemia is highly prevalent around the world, this low-cost, easy-to-use, and accurate screening device is likely to create a huge impact. Noninvasive hemoglobin monitor has proven to be highly accurate in the large trial conducted globally, where the accuracy was found to be over 90%.



“Anemia effects over 2 Billion people around the world, mainly in the developing world where it is impossible to conduct regular screening for women and children. This product will provide ideal solution for screening and triaging for anemia in the community and home settings. We are looking for a strong partner in Seastar Corporation for the design and manufacturing of this game-changing medical device”,

Dr. Shariq Khoja, CEO Tech4Life Enterprises.



About Tech4Life Enterprises:


Tech4Life Enterprises is a socially motivated, innovative research and design company, specialized in telemedicine and point of care devices. The company designs innovative technology solutions to empower the health providers, and partners with governments and private organizations around the world to implement these solutions. Tech4Life Enterprises has expanded and commercialized its patented technologies and launched these to markets around the world.


About Seastar Corporation:


SEASTAR CORPORATION has been providing an integrated service for medical devices from R&D to manufacturing. SEASTAR CORPORATION also has been known as a large-scale pulse oximeter distributor having its highest market share in Japan market.

MDConsults: Pioneering telemedicine in Pakistan

Pakistan is one of the most densely populated countries in the world. Its population growth rate is consistently increasing and that is making problems for the whole nation. Due to this, millions of people are not getting proper health facilities in their respective areas. This includes many remote areas and rural areas where people have to spend more money on health as compared to others.

People who live there cannot afford health facilities. And even for basic checkup they have to go hospital which is miles away from their village. They face several problems travelling to hospital from their respective towns which include heavy transportation costs. And hospitals there are in extremely bad condition which makes their lives more difficult.

Here comes MDConsults…

‘MDConsults’ is world’s fastest growing, HIPAA compliant telemedicine platform, aimed at improving access to healthcare around the world. It helps connect patients in rural areas with the specialists in the urban centers for providing diagnosis and care, avoiding the need for travel to the hospitals. MDConsults empowers community based health providers and the patients to manage health in their home environments. By initiating this platform we helped many people in getting good health facilities within their villages or towns.

MDConsults is breaking barriers through live consultation. No matters where you live or where do your doctor live. You can live consult and get your checkup done by a doctor located far away from your city.  This application considers every patient a part of their family so their extremely sensitive personal health information is kept confidential and is saved properly according to HIPAA rules and regulations.

MDConsults empowers everyone to make one step forward and save the humanity. We don’t have any boundaries and we want to improve accessibility on a global basis. Many NGOs and other health providers have used this.

DOCTHERS – Pakistan


It has been in Pakistan that female students outshine and outnumber their male counterparts. However, many do not end up as practicing doctors. This is due to their marriages or their family problems.  This is major problem because the government spends millions of rupees on subsidies per student – yet there is a serious shortage of doctors, especially in rural areas where women prefer to be examined by female doctors. The female doctors’ absence from hospitals has serious implications on the healthcare system of a poor country like Pakistan.

To cater this problem, doctHERs was prototyped as part of a community health project conducted by NAYA JEEVAN in 2014. DoctHERs project has been initiated keeping in mind the aim to reshape the healthcare industry by helping female doctors who couldn’t pursue their practice to connect with millions of underserved patients in real-time while leveraging online technology. It provided access to quality healthcare and inclusion in the professional workforce for unemployed, qualified health professionals. Our web application was the main connection between the patients and the doctors which provided accessibility to patients.  It is considered as the best implementation in Pakistan.


REPDS (AKHS) School Health Project


This project was another milestone for MDConsults in Pakistan. The project aims to improve the well-being of the school age children belonging to the marginalized community through school health program. This community based school health initiative is under implementation by Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) partners in close collaboration with REPDS- NGO (Karachi based) at Deh Chuhar site. It’s a peri-urban site located in Gaddap town at the outskirts of Karachi. Community leader expressed the need for health care services for school children. This need was fulfilled by establishing Health Room built inside the school premises, where Lady Health Visitor provides health care services to school children (currently enrolled in the school). The expected outcomes are better health care of children and successfully detecting health problems in them.

Tech4Life Enterprises at ATA 2017: TeleHealth 2.0

Tech4Life Enterprises unveiled its Telehealth ecosystem which comprises of a robust telemedicine platform ‘MDConsults 2.0’ along with plug-n-play digital stethoscope ‘eSteth’ at American Telemedicine Association’s Annual Telemedicine Meeting & Trade Show (ATA 2017) in Orlando, FL. Experts & stakeholders from across the globe came together at ATA 2017, which is the largest Telehealth innovation & networking event in the world. The conference focuses on how advancement of technology, innovations and best practices are ensuring improvement in healthcare provision.

Tech4Life Enterprises, being Branham’s Top 25 Up & Coming ICT companies of 2016, launched its fastest growing web & mobile based HIPAA Compliant telemedicine platform’s new version i.e. MDConsults 2.0. Other than provider-to-provider communication, this new version also opens doors for patient-to-provider interaction; easy appointments, medical health record maintenance & Live Teleconsultations with an easy click/tap.

MDConsults 2.0 is receiving wide acclaim as we are improving value-provision in TeleHealth 2.0. It provides highly secure, user-friendly and customizable solution for Teleconsultations through its mobile and web-based applications for live and store-n-forward telemedicine. MDConsults can be used in small and large health facilities, as well as in the community settings. It is also capable of easy integration with other standardized health software and hardware.

MDConsults ensures access to quality healthcare by telemedicine services at an affordable cost. At ATA 2017, visitors were impressed by the affordability of MDConsults. With MDConsults healthcare providers can start their own Telemedicine network for as low as $1/day. Our vision of ensuring access to healthcare has allowed us to reach out to underserved communities which need world’s help the most, especially in healthcare.


With MDConsults,

Healthcare providers can start their own Telemedicine service for as low as $1/day.

Tech4Life Enterprises also showcased plug-n-play digital stethoscope ‘eSteth’. It is beating industry standards by amplifying heart & lung sounds up-to 100x. It is also capable of recording and transmission of these auscultations via audio cable through eSteth app and it is also integratable with other communication platforms.

We thank all the visitors of ATA for all your feedback & appreciation of our innovations in the field of Telehealth. You can experience our state-of-the-art ecosystem and witness how we are bringing innovations for impact in health & wellbeing of the world. Stay tuned with our work at






eSteth and MDConsults make huge impact at Arab Health 2017

Arab Health has just closed its doors on a record-breaking number of participants. Thanks to those who visited Tech4Life Enterprises at the event last week. Our state of the art products, including our web & mobile based telemedicine solutions MDConsults and the most affordable and plug ‘n’ play digital stethoscope ‘eSteth’ were highly appreciated during the entire show.


We invite you to visit our website, and look forward to presenting our innovations in future conferences.

Day 2 @Arab Health 2017

Visitors have shown huge interest to Tech4Life’s products, eSteth and MDConsults. They were impressed by the demonstrations and loved the experience of live consultations with MDConsults. Visitors @Arab Health have also witnessed amplification of heart and lungs sounds with eSteth. Attendees were impressed by extensive features of MDConsults and exceptional sound quality of eSteth at an affordable price.

Visit stand MB-10 Ontario- Canada booth to checkout our innovations for impact.







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