Tech4Life Enterprises Canada Inc, the leading provider of Telemedicine and eHealth solution globally, announced strategic partnership with Seastar Corporation, Japan for the manufacturing of its highly robust and innovative noninvasive hemoglobin monitor.


“We’ll bring together all our accumulated technologies for the development of this new type of non-invasive medical device. By utilizing our expertise of optical sensors and medical device productization, we want to make it happen quickly.”




This noninvasive hemoglobin monitor is designed for testing hemoglobin concentration in the blood without drawing any blood from the patient. Due to its non-invasive feature, this device can be safely used for regular monitoring and mass screening among young children, women, and other groups without causing any discomfort. Regular screening and monitoring in these groups can prevent long-lasting health problems associated with severe anemia. Since anemia is highly prevalent around the world, this low-cost, easy-to-use, and accurate screening device is likely to create a huge impact. Noninvasive hemoglobin monitor has proven to be highly accurate in the large trial conducted globally, where the accuracy was found to be over 90%.



“Anemia effects over 2 Billion people around the world, mainly in the developing world where it is impossible to conduct regular screening for women and children. This product will provide ideal solution for screening and triaging for anemia in the community and home settings. We are looking for a strong partner in Seastar Corporation for the design and manufacturing of this game-changing medical device”,

Dr. Shariq Khoja, CEO Tech4Life Enterprises.



About Tech4Life Enterprises:


Tech4Life Enterprises is a socially motivated, innovative research and design company, specialized in telemedicine and point of care devices. The company designs innovative technology solutions to empower the health providers, and partners with governments and private organizations around the world to implement these solutions. Tech4Life Enterprises has expanded and commercialized its patented technologies and launched these to markets around the world.


About Seastar Corporation:


SEASTAR CORPORATION has been providing an integrated service for medical devices from R&D to manufacturing. SEASTAR CORPORATION also has been known as a large-scale pulse oximeter distributor having its highest market share in Japan market.

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