Pakistan is one of the most densely populated countries in the world. Its population growth rate is consistently increasing and that is making problems for the whole nation. Due to this, millions of people are not getting proper health facilities in their respective areas. This includes many remote areas and rural areas where people have to spend more money on health as compared to others.

People who live there cannot afford health facilities. And even for basic checkup they have to go hospital which is miles away from their village. They face several problems travelling to hospital from their respective towns which include heavy transportation costs. And hospitals there are in extremely bad condition which makes their lives more difficult.

Here comes MDConsults…

‘MDConsults’ is world’s fastest growing, HIPAA compliant telemedicine platform, aimed at improving access to healthcare around the world. It helps connect patients in rural areas with the specialists in the urban centers for providing diagnosis and care, avoiding the need for travel to the hospitals. MDConsults empowers community based health providers and the patients to manage health in their home environments. By initiating this platform we helped many people in getting good health facilities within their villages or towns.

MDConsults is breaking barriers through live consultation. No matters where you live or where do your doctor live. You can live consult and get your checkup done by a doctor located far away from your city.  This application considers every patient a part of their family so their extremely sensitive personal health information is kept confidential and is saved properly according to HIPAA rules and regulations.

MDConsults empowers everyone to make one step forward and save the humanity. We don’t have any boundaries and we want to improve accessibility on a global basis. Many NGOs and other health providers have used this.

DOCTHERS – Pakistan


It has been in Pakistan that female students outshine and outnumber their male counterparts. However, many do not end up as practicing doctors. This is due to their marriages or their family problems.  This is major problem because the government spends millions of rupees on subsidies per student – yet there is a serious shortage of doctors, especially in rural areas where women prefer to be examined by female doctors. The female doctors’ absence from hospitals has serious implications on the healthcare system of a poor country like Pakistan.

To cater this problem, doctHERs was prototyped as part of a community health project conducted by NAYA JEEVAN in 2014. DoctHERs project has been initiated keeping in mind the aim to reshape the healthcare industry by helping female doctors who couldn’t pursue their practice to connect with millions of underserved patients in real-time while leveraging online technology. It provided access to quality healthcare and inclusion in the professional workforce for unemployed, qualified health professionals. Our web application was the main connection between the patients and the doctors which provided accessibility to patients.  It is considered as the best implementation in Pakistan.


REPDS (AKHS) School Health Project


This project was another milestone for MDConsults in Pakistan. The project aims to improve the well-being of the school age children belonging to the marginalized community through school health program. This community based school health initiative is under implementation by Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) partners in close collaboration with REPDS- NGO (Karachi based) at Deh Chuhar site. It’s a peri-urban site located in Gaddap town at the outskirts of Karachi. Community leader expressed the need for health care services for school children. This need was fulfilled by establishing Health Room built inside the school premises, where Lady Health Visitor provides health care services to school children (currently enrolled in the school). The expected outcomes are better health care of children and successfully detecting health problems in them.

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