MDConsults, being a completely HIPAA compliant telemedicine solution, takes care of all the data being stored and processed using this platform. Data privacy in simple words is the protection of confidential or valuable information or similar information assets.

Data privacy in MDConsults is ensured by following a number of rules and regulations. MDConsults being HIPAA Compliant follows all the policies and regulations set forth by the Central Federal Regulation (CFR), OCR and HHS.

The major obligations on which MDConsults claims to ensure data privacy include:

  • Data is processed in accordance with the user rights specified by HIPAA.
  • Groups are made specially to limit access to patient information for authorized users only. People not having rights to a particular group are unable to review those cases.
  • MDConsults works on user based access. The users get access to only those cases or groups to which they are authorized.
  • All the log-ins and log outs are monitored.
  • Health Providers using MDConsults can view and edit the information in the form of cases which they’ve entered themselves, whereas they can only view others’ comments.
  • Data is obtained only for specified purposes. It is made sure that the collected data is adequate, relevant and not excessive.
  • Appropriate technical and organizational measures are in place against the unauthorized or unlawful processing of electroniv patient health information (ePHI) and other confidential data or sometimes loss of this data.
  • The data is kept in the records for six years. However it is kept extremely secure in the archive portion of the cloud. This data is archived in encrypted form for ensuring complete privacy.
  • All the log in activities, and activities inside the software are monitored closely.
  • All the data including ePHI and other confidential information is processed fairly and lawfully. It is never processed further until it is requested by someone who attains rights to view it.




The data stored on MDConsults servers is handled only by the people authorized for this purpose. The features of MDConsults are customized in such a way that the access to groups and other information becomes extremely limited. In addition, a core security team has been set up to ensure compliance with all the procedures, and immediately report any suspected breach.

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