It is commonly believed that ‘Healthy Minds Learn Better’. Providing healthy learning environment and health education to children not only helps improve their own health condition, but also that of their other family members. Schools can also be important platforms for monitoring children’s health and screening for common health problems, especially in the developing world. Thus schools can not only promote mental but also physical and social wellbeing in our youngsters.


Tech4Life Enterprises is working with partners, such as Rural Education Promotion and Development Society (REPDS) and Aga Khan University to promote health through Telemedicine. A Rural public school in Deh Chuhar, outskirts of Karachi, has been introduced with Telemedicine for regular screening and early health advise to the children. A successful inauguration of the program was performed on Dec 7, 2016 at the Govt Boys & Girls Elementry school Haji Hussain Baloch in Deh Chuhar, which was attended by Director Education of Malir district, key political and social figures in the community, and parents of school children. The officials and community appreciated the use of Telemedicine in a remote location for improving health of the children


Tech4Life Enterprises is one of the leading social enterprises who are promoting eHealth and ensuring healthcare provision in far-flung areas where access to quality physicians is practically non-existent. It is with the help of other socially motivated partner NGOs & institutions which take it upon themselves to uplift living standards of their society. Tech4Life is proud to be a partner of such endeavors in helping rural cities of Pakistan with the use of technology & ensuring that our innovations bring impact in human lives.

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