Last year at Arab Health, Tech4Life Enterprises showcased its latest innovation in point-of-care devices, a plug-n-play digital stethoscope. This state of the art solution, called ‘eSteth’, needs no software for installation to amplify heartbeat and perform telemedicine. Working prototype of our innovation received wide acclaim, and industry experts showed their desire for eSteth to enable themselves to hear clearer heart sounds for diagnosis and transfer them for referrals.

Following a year of hard work & determination by our production teams, we are able to bring a high quality product to the markets. This time at Arab Health 2017, Tech4Life Enterprises will be featuring ‘eSteth’, which is a plug-n-play digital stethoscope setting a high standards with 100x amplification, internal storage, display of heartbeats on LED and smooth teleconsultation experience. Visit our stall to witness and experience the great technological evolution in healthcare.

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