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OUR mission

Tech4Life’s mission is to improve access and quality of health of the population by strengthening systems, empowering stakeholders through simple innovations, and enabling the use of Information and Communication Technology.


Our Products

Tech4life innovates and manufactures wide variety of innovative, relevant and affordable health solutions, ranging from mobile-telemedicine to point-of care monitoring devices. Our aim is to create technology-enabled solutions to improve health systems in vulnerable populations around the world.


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  • Dr. Admore Jokwiro

    I planned to expand my services through MDConsults and highly recommend MDConsults to all healthcare organizations in Africa. This is truly a game changer.

  • Franco Nkumba

    The first and complete telemedicine solution  that is set to make an impact on African continent.

    MD - Computer Bytes
  • Dr. Michael Clarke – Professor Schulich School Of Medicine & Dentistry, Western University

      I have paid close attention to efforts being made around the world to launch social enterprises but what I have seen at Tech4Life sets it apart from others.

  • doctHERS – Pakistan

    MDConsults provide us the perfect solution for teleconsultation in remote areas where technology is sparse.

    Dr. Sara Khurram